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Branson, MO

Almost everyone knows something about these Bible stories. Jonah’s experience of spending three days in the belly of a great fish is unlike anything else in the Bible, and our production team took on the exciting challenge of discovering the heart of the story. Jesus said that Jonah was a sign – a sign that something like the resurrection had happened before. Something impossible. Something that had to be believed by faith … and that is what drew us to tell Jonah’s story.

With Jonah, we produced a more technically-advanced show than ever before. A fleet of boats, a giant storm-tossed ship, a growing plant and of course, an enormous whale, were among the many requirements to bring this Bible story to life on stage. Our 50 foot long ship that sails across the stage weighs over 30,000 pounds. Then there is the whale…exactly how our great fish is swimming may remain a bit of a mystery, but as Jonah is tossed around inside the belly, rest assured our actor is safely rocking back, forth, up and down inside a padded, squishy set piece.

Each of our Epic productions takes a talented team of producers, directors, writers, designers, artists, engineers, animal trainers and actors up to three years to create. We are honored to know that millions of people have been entertained by our enormous ark, our towering den filled with lions, our colorful coat and yes, even our bigger-than-life whale. But as a faith based company, our greatest reward is sharing with our audience the life-changing hope of inspiration found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is at the heart of each of our stories.

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