Dick’s 5 & 10

“55 years of Fun since 1961”

In 1961, Dick Hartley founded Dick’s 5 & 10, A 1,500 square foot store with the philosophy that no other store would be as well stocked. Today, the second generation of Hartley’s operate a 10,000 square foot store with over 75,000 different items as they continue to pursue their father’s dream.
FUN for all ages, no trip to Branson, Missouri is complete without stopping at Dick’s 5 & 10. This Historic Branson Landmark is filled with Collections such as Baseball Wall of Fame, over 100 signed W W II aviation prints, Authentic Arrowhead Collection, Collector Trains, including one that runs overhead, Cap Guns that were Dick’s as a child and more.

This is a great attraction to bring groups of all ages and no admission is charged!!
Located in Historic Downtown Branson, 103 W Main St. 417-334-2410