Branson Music Festival

April 20-21, 2018

Featuring some of the Best Springtime Entertainment You’ll Find Anywhere!

The Celebrity Iron-Chef Cookoff will begin at 9:30 each day under the tent. Be sure to arrive early to get your choice of seating for the cookoff!

It’s no wonder why Branson Music Fest has been awarded one of North America’s top 100 events by the American Bus Association. It’s just one of the special events that is held annually during Branson’s Ozark Mountain Spring. Branson is known as the Live Music Show Capital of the World; it’s our wish that you see all Branson has to offer in two days during Branson Music Fest!
Music Fest is a two day showcase featuring most of the stars in Branson! It’s inside the Welk Resort state-of-the-art theatre. Your groups will see almost 3 hours of Branson’s best for a live stage extravaganza your will never forget! The showcase follows Iron Chef Celebrity Cookoff inside the tent in the Welk parking lot.

Branson Music Fest is presented and organized by the Branson Travel Planning Association (BTPA).

About Branson Travel Planning Association:
BTPA is a nonprofit Association comprised of businesses in Branson and nearby cities that are diligent to adhere to BTPA’s high standards of expertise, integrity, financial stability and excellence in customer service.